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MoNaCom 2012 – CFP

In nanotechnology, nanomachines are envisioned as the most basic functional unit able to perform very simple tasks at a nanoscale. Molecular and nanonetworks are the inter-connections of nanomachines expanding the capabilities of a single nanomachine. In this context, traditional communications paradigms are not applicable, and novel ones are required to interconnect them.

This workshop aims to capture the state-of-the-art by soliciting original novel contributions in this and related areas including, the following:

Design and engineering of nanomachines for nano/molecular communication: Protein machines; Artificial cells; Synthetic cells; DNA machines; Nano-bio sensors and actuators

Infrastructures for nano/molecular communication: Calcium signaling; Viral transport; Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT); Membrane nanotube; Flagellated Bacteria; Molecular motors over microtubules; Neural networks; Electromagnetic nanonetworks

Network theory: Mobility in nano/molecular networks; Energy models for nano machines; Information theory of nano/molecular networks; Protocols and architectures for nano/molecular communication; Network control of nano/molecular communication; Addressing, switching and routing at nano/molecular scale; Coding in nano/molecular networks; Security of nano/molecular networks

Nano/molecular network design: Robust design and architecture; Network design by moleware; Emergent behaviour in nano/molecular networks (e.g. self-assembly, self-organisation); Programming for moleware communication; Planning of nano/molecular networks; Networks of nanocomputers

Natural Computing in nano/molecular communication: Molecular computing; DNA computing; membrane computing; Integration of computational and communication capabilities in nano/molecular networks

Tools to support nano/molecular network design: Wetware communication by simulation in silico; Network simulators (e.g. ns2, ns3) for nano/molecular networks

Applications of nano/molecular networks: Healthcare, e.g., drug delivery, nanomedicine, Telecommunications, Energy, Biotechnology, Environment, Nano robots communication



The 2nd IEEE MoNaCom Workshop will take place at the Ottawa Convention Centre (Room M10) on Monday, June 11, 2012 from 8:30 till 13:15.